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the launching of new Keshi (Coasts)KS steam generator

Administrator  founds in 2011.03.15

This mode adopts stainless steel material for its water tank which designed in horizontal-type with large capacity, reasonable distribution of heating elements prolongs its life circle; the outer shell uses the electrolysis board with powder coating made its anticorrosion and durable. The necessary KS100 control panel realizes many kinds of functions: LED numerical code demonstrates immediate temperature and the countdown working-time, temperature between Celsius 35-55°C(95-131°F) could be set as automatic control while time between 1-60 minutes could be set as automatic shut-up. Sectional heat up, self-diagnosis demonstration, over-pressure protection, over-heating protection, leakage protection, lack-of-water protection, water tank safekeeping functions are integrated. In order to prevent the water scale formation, prolong the life circle of heating elements, it adopts manual draining for 3-9KW models while automatic back-washing for 10.5-15KW models at shutting-up, in this way, the small power models could be cost-effective while the big power models could be quality assurance. This model was designed for ordinary families and small sauna clubs, its widely welcomed by customers because of its good performance-to-price ratio.

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