intelligent constant heating control system

update: 2011.03.15
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These pool heaters with intelligent control system are specially developed used for outdoor SPA, hot spring, have unique limiting surface, easy handling and high efficiency, energy conservation functions.

Keya Company takes advantage of their knowledge and professional creative technology, after rigorous design and developing during 3 years, we finally success in creating this intelligent constant heating control system under millions time practical testing. Reliable flow temperature sensor technology, unique software design, various working method and advantaged workmanship material must support advantaged, reliable, intelligent, safe, economic energy conservation and durable performance for future heating system. At the Meantime, we believe that this panel must be the best choice for customer for artistic looking, broad LED version, general functions, easy installation and maintaining.



1) Flow-temp sensor technology

Sensor always under software's control that can supervise the temperature of whole heating system precisely and timely; it can adjust functions, keeping constant water temperature for user and guarantee heating component have a suitable working environment.


Without mechanical switch sensor---avoid switch can no work properly for series mechanical fault


Avoid effect by calcareous water and magnetic substance


Reduce unnecessary circulation- extending life-span of circulative pump meanwhile energy conservation.


2) Self-diagnose functions

Can monitor the working condition of system generally that make a fast judgment and show up indication, so that avoid lack of water and dry heat problem. When fault happen, system will stop and indicate information on LCD panel accordingly, it is helpful for maintaining and guarantee user's safety.


3) Multi-working mode

l        Have four working type : Commercial, family, sleep and pause

Each working type has its unique constant heating and circulation filter method, it not only can satisfy big power working request in Commercial use, but also supply a high energy conservation choice for family user.


4) Control unit for other functions

  a) This system can control two sets of water pump, so that achieve various massage functions.


b) Have circulation and sterilization functions when equip with Ozone machine and circulative pump, we recommend using separate circulative pump which will bring best effect of sterilization and circulation.

c) Can control external LED lighting system


5) Heat tank

a) 304# stainless steel with highly corrosion-proof

b) Smooth surface, scale-proof

c) Easy to replace


6: Heating element

a) heat-resisting material, Teflon coated with corrosion-proof, scale-proof

b) Two group heating element working- adjusting power load and buffering large current pulse

c) Easy to replace


7) Simple integrative design

a) Frontal installation is convenience for maintaining

b) Less external wires, lower installation cost.


8) Panels frame

a) Pleasing to eyes

b) Good button touch, easy handling.

c) Durable PC film and firm connection liner 

d) Firm connection of cables


9) Liquid crystal display

a) Big screen LCD display-broad version, clear indication

b) All important information: temperature, flow condition, time, functions and fault etc

c) LED background is convenient for user's checking


10) Silicone gel

All the components in controller are packed and sealed by silicone gel (Not sclerotic, not crack) with water proof, steam proof and chlorine corrosion proof functions.