sauna bath FAQ

1. Are there any restrictions for the sauna bath? (which kind of people are not suitable to have a sauna bath?)

A. Drinking too much or the drunk mustn't take a sauna bath.

B. People with heart disease or an acute disease should consult with their doctors before taking a sauna bath.

C. The female in menstruation can be improved through taking a sauna bath, because of sauna's relaxation and sodium conservation will lead to the water loss of people's body

D. Children should come with adults if they want to have a sauna, furthermore they are only permitted to sauna for several minutes under the medium temperature. Additionally, children mustn't stay for a long time because they don't sweat as much as adults.

2. How does the sauna heater work?

Most sauna heater works through the electric heating as well as burning wood.

3. What is the correct Sauna bath temperature?

Recommend temperature should be between 60~90°C, but sometimes it is also permitted to adjust the temperature between 95-110°C according to the people' needs. Based on the above temperature extent, people also need to consider the age and health. It all up to people's favourate, as long as you feel comfortable is OK. When heating temperature is up to 80~100°C, you are still not easy to perspire, even though you splash water over the sauna stone constantly to wet your body. Similarly, when heating temperature is only between 50~60°C, you will never feel dry due to you can splash a lot of water to moisten the air.

4. How long does the sauna heater up to sauna temperature?

If heat insulation of sauna room wall and ceiling effect do well, it only takes less than 1 hour will up to sauna temperature . We suggest to close the vent and the door during heating.

5. Does the sauna heater lead to get an electric shock?

Coasts brand sauna heater have to add an electric leakage protection switch before inputting electricity power. Morever people should check the voltage of switch and socket to confirm whether electricity can afford the sauna heater. (remarks: sauna heater and socket should have a good grounding)

6.How often we should enjoy sauna.

It is depend on you, mostly three times one week, usually, you can have a relax after a whole day hard working.

7. How long should stay at sauna room

As long as you feel good, but should stop before feel bad and lower temperature.

8.What factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the power of a heater for a sauna room?

The walls and ceiling of the sauna room should have good heat insulation, especially if the room is to be heated by means of an electric heater. The wall materials of the sauna, such as concrete, logs, glass, tiles, brick, glass bricks, etc., require a relatively powerful heater and quite a long time to heat up. The larger the sauna is in terms of capacity, the greater the heater power should be to heat up the room sufficiently well to take a sauna bath. When approaching a heater dealer you should know beforehand what the wall materials are in your sauna and the capacity/inside area of the sauna. Air-conditioning in the sauna room must be arranged in such a way that it does not cause the heat produced by the heater to be wasted. Much research has been done on the proper air-conditioning system for saunas, and for many years this has been applied at the planning and implementation stages of sauna ventilation in any new construction. The manufacturers product brochure, available from the heater dealer, gives further detailed instructions relating to choice of heater power

9. Why the choice of sauna stones is important?
Stone reserve the heat, when bathers throw water on the hot stones, the room will be filled with moist air, this bring a pleasant and relaxed environment to bather, so the sauna stone materials is very important, but can not use the heater without sauna stones (which may cause a fire). Sauna stone - peridot, (Olive - basalt) should be as heavy, color be black, size should be large, so it may absorb as much heat. stones be placed in the furnace should be loose to ensure good air circulation, it is recommended to use our stone.
Usually wall-mounted sauna heater (≤ 9KW) with 5C ~ 100mm size of the sauna stone.
Floor sauna heater(> 9kw) with size 100 ~ 150mm of the sauna stones

10. How often they are changed by and large depends on how much the heater is used. If it is an average of twice a week, the stones should be changed once a year. It is a good idea to rearrange the stones occasionally, as they tend to crumble with use, making the area more compact and therefore obstructing the free circulation of air. Good air circulation will ensure that the heater works properly and the resistors too will last a long time owing to lower temperatures at their surface.

11. What kind of water can be poured into the sauna stones ?
Only home use of water, can not use the swimming pool or SPA water which has cylinder containing chlorine in it, because it will corrode your stove.

12.Where can I find out about the safety distances that apply for my sauna heater?

Details of safe distances from side walls, heater guards, etc. are given in the current installation and operating instructions for each product.

13. Why the material of bench must be wood?

Do not suggestion hardwood for absorb of heat easily then become too hot. But soft wood is contrary.

14.Why sauna benches be made for upper and lower levels?
As close to the ceiling in the sauna room where the temperature is higher, but close to the ground where the temperature is lower. Bench made of two layers of high and low temperature in order to facilitate those who require different bathing options.

15. Sauna room cleaning
You can scrub with detergent and water to bars and walls, or use disinfectants such as alkali or alkaline cleaners to wash, if you use disinfectant must be thoroughly washed wood with cold water , preferably heat sauna stove before cleaning so that it is easy to dry wood sauna room.

16 How to make a wooden sauna wall to be protected?
The best protection of sauna room after sauna bath is that use the stove's waste heat, opening the vents for proper ventilation and moisture get rid of dry, do not allow paint sealant, or coated with any preservatives inside of room , because the paint is applied to the wood surface and it is going to crack due to expand with heat and contract with cold., it is best to keep logs state.

17. Sauna heater power supply protection
There is no need install circuit breaker in the power supply lines for the sauna stove because the stove has electrical connection and with complete protection, , But need to check residual current device to ensure security problems, such as small appliances - coffee makers.

18. Coasts sauna heater features:
Coasts sauna heaters is adopting intelligent digital control system, with colorful lighting system, specially designed furnace chamber, heating by segment and the unique designed to make the heater has the following advantages.

A. Easy to operate, convenient to observation, to meet guests' needs.
B. section control to achieve more precise temperature indication, more smooth.

C. long span-life of heating element, saving energy

D. Strong and lasting blow steam outlet, warming fast

E. Multiple safety protection, the use of more security.

F. faulty indication, easy for maintenance.

G. Colorful lighting so that bathers have a fantastic experience!


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