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Steam bath FAQ

1 What are the restrictions for steam bath (what kind of person be prohibited)?

There is a limitation, although steam bath is good for health, but it is not available for person who are suffered disease, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, pregnant women and the elderly If you have any health problems, pls consult your doctor. In addition, avoid drinking before the steam bath.

2. How is steam bath heating?
Steam is generated by a steam generator, and enter the steam room then become steam bath environment. .

3 Proper steam bath temperature?
Recommended temperature should be between 35 ~ 55C °, there is no uniform requirement in this temperature range , It is up to bather's preferences entirely , as long as you feel comfortable, but also need to consider the age and health status.

4 How long the temperature can reach the steam bath request after opening the steam generator.

It is subject to environment temperature and material of steam room, Of course, the power of steam generator also has a great effect. To save energy, we recommend customer install acrylic steam room if condition be allowed, usually, the temperature can reach your desired bath request with less power which compare the one install in your shower room.

5 What factors should be considered to determine the steam generator
Firstly, we should consider the size of the steam room , space is bigger, the power of steam generator is bigger, besides, the material of steam room is also a factor need to be considered when decide steam generator on the base of same space. Meanwhile, the power requirements from small to large for different kind material steam room are acrylic, glass, tile, stone. in the same space What specific wall material, how much space should be equipped with how many kilowatt steam generator, please contact the manufacturers and consulting sales.

6 where is steam generator should installed?
For the old residential steam bath room can achieve this function by modify bath tub or shower panel. as long as the room is completely sealed. Water proof and no leakage for steam. opening 3 / 8 "gap for cold air to enter the shower room on the earth of door. In addition that should also consider following factors: A: steam generator power. B. power supply voltage must be 208V or 240V. C. space for placing machine D. material choice of steam room, please consult the supplier.

7 Is it available to use less essential oil in steam bath room?

Yes, you can drip two drops fragrance oil in the steam head's slot, it will bring you wonderful feeling, but remember! Do not drip oil into steam head because it may cause burn, Note: the steam temperature is 212 ° F, so cannot make the steam head upward in such hot condition. Fragrance oil are extracted from herbs, flowers, fruits, and trees, it has a role to promote the excitement and relaxation, aromatherapy treatment including different effecting, such as breathing relaxed, reduce anxiety, stress and fatigue, relieve headache.
please consult your doctor before use aromatherapy, especially for pregnant women, the elderly, who have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism and poor health may not allow to enjoy aromatic steam bath.

8. Where the controller should be installed.
Controller should be installed in the steam room area, convenient to operate from the high 5 to 6 scale, its location as far as possible away from the steam head.

9. The location of the steam head should be installed
Steam head should be higher than the ground or tub bottom 12 "from any corner 6" far, the nozzle should be as far away as possible from specific bathing place (standing or sitting).

10. If the water is very hard, what can be done to protect the steam generator?

If you live in hard water areas there are two ways to choose:

A. install the water softening device in your house's hot water supply pipe., the cold water enter into steam generator through this pine which was treated. This device is also good for your piping systems, decorative hardware, faucets, glass all.

B. automatic drain steam generator is good choice.

11. What is steam cleaning system?
It is opening immediately every time when the steam generator turn off, its therapy is that high pressure water cleaning water tank and drain valve will discharge mineral so that prevent mineral staying inside of tank and getting rid of scale on the surface of heating element.

12. is it necessary to install fan inside of steam room?

It is no need, having a hot or cool bath after steam bath, water will flow way after steam condenses into water.

13. What kind of daily maintenance need for steam generator.

No. It requires little maintenance, our guarantee of family use is that 5 years for parts and 2 years for whole set

14 cold or hot water be requested for steam generator?
cold water.

15. Coasts steam generator warranty.
Coasts steam generator implement a lifetime warranty. Just need to send the defective machine back to factory, Coasts company also provide families with three warranty (from date of your purchase) we provide inspection of defective material, repair and replacement. But commercial use only 12 months warranty is available..

16. Features of Coasts steam generator?
Coasts steam generator adopt intelligent digital control system, equipped with colorful lights and remote controller, specially designed draining system, segment control method of heating element. and unique design with following advantages:
A. Easy to operate, convenient for observation, can meet various needs of customers.
B. segment control that achieve a more stable temperature and continuous steam.

C. long span-life of heating element, (quick wash and draining systems).

D. Fast steam out. Just need 3-5 minutes when turn on machine.

E. Multiple safety protection and intelligent control, more secure for use.

F. Faulty indication, easy to maintain.

G. Colorful lighting can bring a dreamy experience for bather.

H. infrared remote control makes the operation more convenient.

I. This steam generator has ordinary type. Standard, luxury, and commercial-type which can meet need of different places.



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